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Zoe Ministries - Maharashtra, India

Retirement Homes and Vocational Training Centre

Early June, 2017


Team Needs

Architect/Masterplanner – residential masterplanning, concept design for retirement homes and vocational training centre in 2.3 acres site. Position Filled

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Project Scope

Zoe Ministries have purchased a 2.3 acres plot in rural Maharashtra 65 km east of Mumbai. The site is undeveloped with a gradual slope that faces a small mountain range. Zoe Ministries have a vision to serve the local community, through provision of retirement homes and vocational training. The EMI team will be working from the outskirts of Mumbai, the buzzing economic capital of India and home to Bollywood!

Approximately 50 seniors will live in the homes. The residents will contribute their time and skills for the vocational training, equipping the youth from 70 villages within a 10 mile radius. The training will especially benefit individuals with limited education, opening up doors into a number of employment opportunities.

Zoe Ministries have a strong desire to build good relationships with the local community. They envisage the campus to be in keeping with the village style. Where possible the design will use local artisan skills and local materials. The EMI team will explore appropriate building methods to ensure cost effective and sustainable buildings.

Being in a remote location, the continuous supply of water and power is not guaranteed. The concept design will include water resource management and solar power as well as small scale farming, for a more resilient campus.

The objective of the project is to create a long-term master plan for the campus. Our design team will also undertake a survey of the 2.3 acre site. We will be proposing a concept design for the retirement homes as well as vocational training areas. Our end goal is the development of plans and fundraising documents which can be used by Zoe Ministries for future development. We invite you to join the team in Mumbai as we put our design skills to use and partner with Zoe Ministries.


From Abroad: Approx $US 800 ($US 550 for EMI Network Members), excluding flights from abroad
From India: INR 3,000 plus direct costs (Trip Fee waived for EMI Network India Members)
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