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AG Central Bible College – New Delhi, India

Masterplan & Concept Design

eMi² Project 8275
February 19-25, 2017


Team Needs

Architect(s) – Masterplan and concept design for a 75 student residential bible college campus on a ½ acre site in a village setting. (Position filled.)

Civil Engineer – concept design for water distribution system and wastewater disposal for planned ½ acre campus. (Position filled.)

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Project Scope

The Assemblies of God Central Bible College in New Delhi, India trains young men and women in systematic theology and prepares them for service of the Lord and His Kingdom. Currently comprising of ~25 residential students and ~60 day students, the school operates out of a rented property in a neighborhood in South Delhi. The college has recently purchased a ½ plot of land in a village still within limits of the state of Delhi, but more than 40km from the current location. With this new land, the bible college intends to build a permanent home for the college, eventually allowing for up to 75 residential students.

The objective of the EMI project is to create a long term master plan for the campus, and develop concept architectural plans for the 2 highest priority buildings. The 1st priority is the Academic Block including classrooms, offices, assembly hall and library. The 2nd priority is student housing. Future phases to be included in the masterplan are teacher, principal and guest housing, along with a small daycare.

Our design team of architects and civil engineers will be developing the masterplan and concept design from EMI India’s office located in South Delhi. The team will meet with Central Bible College staff, see the existing college facility and visit the purchased property in a classic Indian village setting on the outskirts of the city. Our end goal is the development of plans and fundraising documents which can be used by the AG Central Bible College to guide the development of this new campus.

This will be a unique EMI project trip in that the design work will be performed from EMI India’s offices. So if you are a former intern or volunteer from the Mussoorie days, and want to see what life with EMI looks like in Delhi, this would be the perfect opportunity for you. Volunteer priority will be given to those considering joining EMI as staff in the near future and who have not yet experienced life with EMI in Delhi. So if that is you, we invite you to join the team in Delhi this upcoming February as we put our design skills to use and partner with the training and equipping of future church leaders in North India.


$US 1,000 excluding flights (From Abroad)
INR 3,000 plus direct costs (From India)
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