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Project Profile: 8171
Hoskote, Karnataka, India


House of Praise Girl's Home
Master Plan development and orphanage building design
eMi² Project 8171

February 2010

Gretchen West
phone: (011) 91-931-904-9184

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Project Scope
The House of Praise (HOP) Girl's Home was established by E.V. and Vida Steel in 1949. The original name was European Christian Orphanage, but was changed to World Missions to Children (WMC) in 1951. The current property was gifted to the organization in 1935. Former director, Allan Faszer, and his wife, Hilda, arrived at HOP in 1965. They have been serving at the home ever since. The purpose of the orphanage is to "reach and serve the physical and spiritual needs of the unwanted children". The current property includes two staff residences, a bath block building, study room, guest house, dormitory, swimming pool, and chapel. These facilities serve 25 girls ages 4 to 52 years, and the chapel typically seats 40-50 people for services.

HOP buildings are allegedly scheduled for demolition by the local government. These buildings include the staff residences, chapel, and dormitory. The local government is widening the adjacent highway to eight lanes and creating a new on-ramp. The site is approximately 1 acre in size and enclosed by a boundary wall. This boundary wall is no longer tall enough in some places to be a privacy and security barrier. The existing swimming pool and study room are likely to be replaced with new buildings. The site is very narrow with a slight slant in grade. In addition, the water distribution system is composed of municipal supply and a bore well (700+ feet). Brackish water frequently clogs the smaller water distribution pipes. A rainwater collection system is in place on many of the buildings; however, the rain water is also said to be acidic. The waste water system is unorganized, and some immediate remediation of practices of irrigating with effluent need to be addressed.

HOP has requested eMi² to come and design new buildings for those being demolished and to create a master plan. The water collection and waste water systems are also to be evaluated with recommendations for a more streamlined and simple system.

Volunteers participating on this eMi² project trip will fly into Bangalore, located in the southern Deccan Plateau of India, and only a 13 mile taxi ride from the Hoskote project site. There will be some time during the trip to explore Bangalore (newly named, Bengaluru) which is known as the Silicon Valley of India. This center of technology is home to historic St. Mary's Church, Indian Institute Of Science (IISc), Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, and the Bangalore Palace and Fort. Architects with experience in master planning (community development) for small sites will be an asset to this team. Committing to visit and serve HOP with eMi² will be an unforgettable experience worth investing in. Praying for His wisdom, peace, and guidance in forming this team.

Project Team
Gretchen West - eMi² Team Leader

Approximately $US 2,300 - 2,400
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